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Key advantages of IBC Tank

Author: Shandong Dingsheng Container Co., Ltd. Date: 2024-02-17 Click: 84


Key advantages of IBC Tank:

1. Large space packaging, using water as the material, each IBC bucket can hold one ton of net weight water (using a 1000L container bucket as an example);

2. The inner liner is made of high relative molecular weight, high-density, low-voltage, and high-pressure polyethylene, which has high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, good hygiene, long service life, and can be trusted;

3. Save indoor space, increase space utilization by more than 25% (compared to 200 liter plastic buckets), can be stacked in layers, and can stack up to four layers, greatly reducing storage and transportation costs;

4. Reasonably constructed, sturdy, and equipped with a steel frame structure trailer, it can be loaded, unloaded, transported, and transported using forklifts or manual hydraulic carriers, greatly reducing the labor efficiency of workers;

5. The vessel is equipped with an exhaust valve, ensuring reliable liquid discharge. The weight of the solution itself can be used for liquid extraction, and the unique geometric design scheme promotes more complete, fast, and safe liquid extraction;

6. The size complies with ISO container design specifications and is compatible with the world, especially suitable for sea container transportation. A 20 inch container can transport 18-20 containers of 1000 liters, greatly reducing logistics costs.

7. Easy to manage methods. The inner cylinder is cast with a capacity ruler, allowing customers to use the transparency of the vessel to clearly see the relative height of the liquid inside the vessel. It is easy to calculate the volume and net weight inside the vessel without the need for repeated measurement and verification, reducing management time.

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