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Taking the manufacturing of safe, environmentally friendly and low-cost plastic containers as our own responsibility, and supporting the "Chinese Dream" with the "Dingsheng Dream”

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    Focus on the production of IBC Tank and various IBC Tank Accessories
    Shandong Dingsheng Container Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou, Shandong Province, one of the ancient nine states with profound cultural heritage. It is adjacent to National Highway 309 and Jiqing Expressway to the north and G20 Qingyin Expressway to the east. It has an excellent geographical location and fast and developed logistics. It is a large-scale enterprise that integrates scientific research, manufacturing and sales of IBC Tank. The company has always adhered to the concept of "technology creates the future" and strives for excellence in products. By introducing advanced equipment at home and abroad, and using the most cutting-edge technology and testing methods, we enable customers to use the most cost-effective IBC products.
    The company's IBC Tank structure is divided into inner tank, frame and assembly parts. IBC tank are weldless and seamless, non-toxic and odorless, acid and alkali resistant, collision resistant, high temperature resistant (70°C), freezing resistant (-40°C), no leakage, not easy to age, no need for maintenance and cleaning, and easy to install and transport etc. IBC Tank can be reused many times, and the advantages reflected in filling, storage and transportation can significantly reduce costs. Compared with general drums, IBC drums can save 35% of storage space.
    8 Years

    8 Years Industry Experience

    10 Million

    Company registered capital


    The company started in 2016

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    More than 40 product categories

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    Sincere service for 365 days

    The company has a testing laboratory, sophisticated quality testing equipment, and complete quality management system to satisfy the testing needs of the company's products for accuracy testing,and performance testing. The use of industry-high precision processing equipment fundamentally ensures the processing accuracy of machine parts.
    Dingsheng Containers combines many years of experience in using plastics to design IBC products with higher cost performance, which has become a new driving force for the development of the industry. In order to improve product quality, stability of parts supply, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service capabilities, the company has achieved full industry chain production and services from source parts to back-end logistics and transportation after 7 years of development. And in order to better serve our customers, reduce customer usage costs, and improve the competitiveness of our products, we have formulated a plan to build production bases in key customer areas across the country. By the end of 2022, we have successfully established Fujian Quangang In terms of production bases, we will build a total of 8 or more production bases from north to south and east to west in the next few years, and go all out to contribute to the comprehensive construction of a modern and powerful socialist country.
    Shandong Dingsheng Container Co., Ltd.

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    Committed to becoming a trustworthy partner for customers

    Entrepreneurial spirit: strong entrepreneurial passion, open career mentality, continuous learning attitude

    • Company mission Company mission

    • Serving the country Serving the country and society through industry

    • Be kind to employees Growth, work, life

    • Core value AweㅤChallengeㅤWin-win

    Development History/

    Focus on the production of IBC Tank and various IBC Tank Accessories

    • Gather momentum


      Realize full industry chain production and services

    • Layout


      Establish Fujian Quangang production base

    • Empower


      Establish a logistics team and obtain independent logistics and transportation qualifications.

    • Qualifications


      Establish export, production, quality, environmental assessment and other qualifications.

    • Expansion of production


      The company expands its production base and adds production equipment.

    • Export


      Passed China Classification Society commodity inspection certification and obtained export qualifications.

    • Certification


      Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

    • Established


      Shandong Dingsheng Container Co., Ltd. was established

    • 2023

      Gather momentum

    • 2022


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    • 2019

      Expansion of production

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    Focus on the production of IBC Tank and various IBC Tank Accessories

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    Customers are God, and they are the creators of corporate benefits. Our company has won widespread praise from users for its value-for-money services. When it comes to what must be done, wherever, our commitment to our customers is eternal.