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What materials are IBC ton barrels made of? Is there any difference?

Author: Shandong Dingsheng Container Co., Ltd. Date: 2024-02-17 Click: 80

Ton barrels, also known as IBC ton barrels, are commonly made of high-density polyethylene. Some manufacturers also produce ton barrels made of other materials, such as polyethylene ton barrels, stainless steel ton barrels, etc. So what is the difference between these ton barrels made of non barrel materials?

1、 Stainless steel ton bucket

All stainless steel ton drums are made of stainless steel, which has better safety and corrosion resistance compared to high-density polyethylene ton drums. It is not easy to deform and generate static electricity. Because all are made of stainless steel, the weight and price are much higher than high-density polyethylene ton barrels.


2、 IBC ton barrels

IBC ton drums mainly use HDPE (high-density polyethylene) as the main material for the contents, which can also be called high-density polyethylene ton drums. High density polyethylene material provides good protective performance, acid and alkali resistance, and high and low temperature performance for ton barrels; The outer frame uses a metal frame, providing good protective performance and is widely used in industries such as food, chemistry, and petroleum.

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