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Structural introduction of IBC Tank butterfly valve

Author: Shandong Dingsheng Container Co., Ltd. Date: 2024-02-17 Click: 80

Customers must inspect the basic structure of ton barrels when selecting them. Regarding the disc valve on ton barrels, most customers are familiar with it, but it would be difficult for them to explain in detail its processing technology and main uses. Below, the ton barrel manufacturer will analyze the IBC ton barrel disc valve for everyone.


The raw material for IBC ton drum disc valve is selected from high relative molecular weight polyethylene technology professional epoxy resin, which has environmental pressure cracking resistance and is suitable for liquid chemical products, especially for substances with obvious natural environmental pressure cracking hazards caused by high-pressure polyethylene. The IBC ton drum disc valve has the same oil circuit board material as the container, good organic chemical solubility, and good storage and transportation safety factor. The gate valve is equipped with a double safety device to prevent accidental opening, ensuring that the gate valve is tightly closed during transportation. The liquid is convenient and reliable, with minimal residue, which is beneficial for cleaning and environmental protection. When using ton barrels, there are common issues related to disc valves: customers must choose gate valve threads according to different requirements. During installation and use, do not apply too much force, ensure even load-bearing capacity, and ensure moderate torque to avoid excessive load-bearing capacity. Ton barrels should be stored properly and strictly prohibited from exposure to sunlight.

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