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IBC Tank (White)

The product has a reasonable structure and is solid and strong. It can be loaded and unloaded directly with a forklift and can be stacked and stored.

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Product description

IBC Tank can significantly reduce production, storage, transportation and operating costs, saving a lot of manpower and material resources; the product structure is reasonable, solid and strong, can be loaded and unloaded directly by forklift, and can be stacked and stored; the bottom of the product is equipped with a drain valve which discharges liquid conveniently, quickly and thoroughly, is easy to clean, can be used repeatedly, saves energy and is conducive to environmental protection.

1000L IBC Tank Technical Parameters

Full mouth volume1060L
Nominal volume1000L
Height with Pallet1145mm
Filling mouth diameter150mm
Discharging opening Diameter50/80mm
Forklift opening100mm
Name plate1 piece
Corner protector4 pieces
Total weight57±1 kg