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How to dispose of used IBC barrels?

Author: Shandong Dingsheng Container Co., Ltd. Date: 2024-02-17 Click: 77

Ton barrels are an indispensable means of transportation for liquid transportation in the modern chemical industry. So what should be done after using the ton bucket to hold the liquid? Is it being recycled? Or are you throwing it away directly? Can it still be reused? Today, I will introduce to you how to handle ton barrels after they are used up!


Processing method for ton barrels

1. Reuse. Ton barrels have excellent anti-corrosion, rust prevention, chemical properties, etc., so they can be reused. In theory, they can be reused more than 20 times. As long as the contents are cleaned properly, they can be reused.

2. Recycling is in use. Some people will specifically recycle used ton barrels, clean them, and then resell them.

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