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  • How to dispose of used IBC barrels?
    How to dispose of used IBC barrels?

    Ton barrels are an indispensable means of transportation for liquid transportation in the modern chemical industry. So what should be done after using the ton bucket to hold the liquid? Is it being recycled? Or are you throwing it away directly? Can it still be reused? Today, I will introduce to you how to handle ton barrels after they are used up!

  • What are the specifications of IBC Tank?
    What are the specifications of IBC Tank?

    Ton barrels are one of the important carriers for liquid transportation in modern industrial systems. Ton barrels are widely used in industries such as food, chemical, and petroleum due to their advantages of easy stacking, excellent chemical properties, strong protection, and large transfer capacity. So what are the specifications of ton barrels? What are the commonly used specifications?

  • What is IBC Tank?
    What is IBC Tank?

    Ton barrels generally refer to IBC ton barrels, not the newly emerged "ton ton barrels". The full name of IBC ton barrels is also known as IBC medium bulk containers. It is an essential tool for modern industrial warehousing and transportation of liquids. The IBC ton bucket consists of two parts: an external metal frame that provides stability and protection, and a clean polymer high-density polyethylene plastic bucket used for loading liquids. So what are the advantages of IBC ton barrels?

  • Application and precautions for IBC Tank
    Application and precautions for IBC Tank

    A ton bucket is a container used for storing and transporting liquids or bulk items. It is usually made of metal or plastic and has characteristics such as durability, good sealing, easy stacking and handling. Ton barrels are widely used in various industries, including chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food, and other fields.

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